BREAKING: Jury awards $55M to TV host Erin Andrews

Mar 7, 2016 5:39 PM by NBC News

BREAKING: Jury awards $55M to TV host Erin Andrews in lawsuit over nude video of her taken in hotel room.

Jurors have reached a verdict in Erin Andrews' $75 million lawsuit against a stalker who took nude videos of her at a hotel and posted them online.

The verdict is expected to be announced soon.

The key questions jurors were deliberating were whether two hotel companies bear any responsibility, and if so, how much they should pay.

The started their discussions Monday morning.

Andrews works for Fox Sports and co-hosts TV's "Dancing with the Stars." She has maintained that the stalker and two hotel companies were to blame. She tearfully testified that she was publicly humiliated, shamed and suffers from depression as a result of the videos, which have been viewed by millions of people.

Attorneys for the owner and former operator of the Marriott at Vanderbilt argued that while what happened to Andrews was terrible, the convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, should be solely to blame for the video shot in 2008.


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