BREAKING: Fatal Traffic Collision Near Round Mountain on Highway 299

Sep 19, 2014 3:55 AM

Parts of Highway 299 in Shasta County are closed this morning after a deadly head-on collision between two semi-trucks.

The fatal accident between the two big rigs happened around 12:30 this morning just west of Round Mountain on Highway 299.

A semi driver heading eastbound took a curve too fast as he was hauling a container filled with construction material that is said to have asbestos in it.
It came off the rig during the turn and hit a semi driving by in the opposite direction.

The driver who was hit by the container died on the scene.
Authorities have not yet released his name.

Both trucks had passengers in them, all three of the survivors suffered moderate to major injuries and were taken to local hospitals.

There are diesel leaks on the road and equipment throughout the road.

CHP says they do not have a time yet when the highway will be reopened.

The highway is closed west of Oak Run Road on the west side, and on the east side, it's closed at the town of Round Mountain.


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