Boy Scout Troop 3 Nandina Harvest Fundraiser

Dec 30, 2015 11:57 AM by News Team

For over 30 years Boy Scout Troop 3 has been harvesting Nandina Berries for their annual fundraiser.

If you have Nandina Berries (see photo for identification) that can be harvested at your home or business you can help in one of two ways:

  1. Harvest them yourself and come drop them off. Just cut the clusters of berries off the plants and bring them to our processing site at 888 Manzanita Ct, Chico, CA 95926 on Saturday Jan. 9th between 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. We will have coffee and doughnuts for those who arrive early! (Berries can be harvested up to a week ahead of time and stored outside.)
  2. Contact us and we will come harvest them! Home or business owners who would like to have berries harvested may call Tawny Cleveland at 680-2405, or email

The annual Nandina harvest fundraiser is vital to Troop 3 in that it assists with operating expenses, Scout registration, and camp. Thank you Chico for over 30 years of support!


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