Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Will Not Be Tried As Enemy Combatant

Apr 22, 2013 12:16 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House says the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing will not be tried as an enemy combatant in a military tribunal.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be prosecuted in the federal court system.

Tsarnaev is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Carney says that under U.S. law U.S. citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. Carney says that since Sept. 11, 2001, the federal court system has been used to convict and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists.

Tsarnaev, 19, and his older brother and suspected co-conspirator, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, were born in southern Russia.

(UPDATE) 11:50 a.m.- BOSTON (AP) - The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction to kill -- and it's a crime that carries a possible death sentence. The charges, which came during a visit by federal prosecutors to his hospital room in Boston today, represent a decision by the Obama administration to try Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the federal court system, instead of as an enemy combatant in front of a military tribunal.


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