Book Rentals For Chico State Students

Aug 30, 2010 6:34 PM

"We're always looking for alternatives for our students shopping here since we know that textbook prices are expensive" said Chico State Bookstore President Steve Dubey. The Chico State Bookstore may have found the alternative its been looking for. The bookstore is now one of only eight college bookstores chosen in the nation to partner up by trial basis with Chegg, an online textbook rental company. Chico State Students now have the option of renting books for a semester rather than buying them, and many have already saved. "It was really great, I only spent a little, I saved 200 dollars for my books" said Chico State freshman Ashley Marquez.
The rental process is easy. The bookstore holds three I-pad kiosks where students can order books directly. They may also visit the bookstore website, or order directly through Chegg. There's even an Iphone app where you can pre-order your rental books, which many say beats the alternative. "There's lines at the bookstore, sometimes you have to wait in line for like 20 minutes" said Chico State senior Kevin Middleton.
There are a few drawbacks. Chegg only offers certain books and once they've all been rented, they're not restocked. But students who do rent are able to save up to 80% depending on the book, and it can be delivered right to their front door. "It's just that it's online, I don't have to leave my dorm, it's just on my computer" said Marquez.
And students also say you don't have to worry about loosing money in the end when it comes time to sell your books back to the bookstore. "Buying back you only get a really small percentage of what you bought it for" said Chico State junior Claudio Lemire.
Chegg has rented books to close to 1,500 Chico State Students so far this semester. Chegg may also be introducing a digital version into the program by next fall. This will allow students to rent the books and view them strictly online.


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