Bomb Squad Rattles Nerves In North Chico

Jan 18, 2013 7:39 PM

It was the bang heard round North Chico, Thursday night. Shaking windows, and prompting concern from residents, but the story isn't as cut, and dry as you might think. Thursday evening, workers at Jeanie's Consignment Store in Paradise found some interesting items among an assortment brought in by a customer. "It was something that came in as part of an estate we handled, and as somebody recognized it as being munitions type materials, I set it aside, and called the PD," according to store owner Carol Stark.

Not long after the discovery, Paradise Police confirmed the items were dangerous, and called for help from the Butte County Bomb Squad. Butte County Sheriff's Sergeant Derek Bell told our crews "the bomb squad responded, and examined the items that they had, and determined them to be blasting caps, and a very old det cord."

Sgt. Bell estimated the explosive devises to be more than 50 years old, which made them unstable, and extremely dangerous. "Due to the fact that where those items were located, there were other buildings, and business's right near by where they were, and it was completely unsafe to deal with them where they were."

So, bomb squad members loaded the devices into an open air containment unit, and transported them to an area on the Chico Airport property. "It's a safe area, a rural area, where there's no problems as far as placing counter charges on them to destroy those," according to Sgt. Bell.

Once the blasting caps, and detonation cord were transported, authorities immediately destroyed them, causing the loud boom that reportedly rocked the windows of many North Chico residents.

Sergeant Bell says the way employee's of the store handled the situation is a perfect example of what to do if you ever come across a suspicious item. "Use common sense, error on the side of caution, and notify law enforcement where you are, and let them deal with it from there."


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