Bomb squad detonates suspicious device in Paradise

Feb 29, 2016 11:06 AM by News Staff

Pentz road is back open near Feather River Hospital after a portion of the road was closed due to a bomb scare.

A passerby alerted authorities around noon Sunday to a suspicious looking object, just north of the hospital's emergency entrance.

It wasn't until nearly 4 p.m. that the decision was made to blow up the device, rather than attempt to retrieve it in one piece.

Sgt. Robert Pickering of the Paradise Police said the cursory device looked like a training device for military personnel.

“It looks like PVC pipe…half-inch PVC pipe was taped together with a training grenade used in the military,” he said. “Often times they're steel bodies that are hollow, you screw a fuse into them and they can be repeatedly used like a firecracker for military training.”

The bomb squad robot was used to blow it up with less powerful explosives twice to try and preserve evidence.


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