Bomb squad detonates dangerous chemical found in Oroville barn

Jan 24, 2015 10:39 AM by David McVicker

Butte County Sheriff's Department responded to a citizen report Friday of dangerous chemicals found in a barn on Mt. Ida Road in Oroville.

Cal Fire personnel said they intially found glass jars full of Nictric Acid, a highly flammable mineral acid, in the barn of a deceased family member's barn. Cal Fire said the the chemicals had crystalized, causing them to become unstable and more likely to ignite.

Butte County Sheriff's Inter-Agency Bomb Squad were called in to move the chemicals to a safe location and used explosives to safely ignite the acid.

The bomb squad said that if any hazardous materials of any kind are found, they urge the public to contact their local law enforcement and fire department immidiately.


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