Bomb scare closes Butte County jail temporarily in Oroville

May 9, 2016 12:50 PM by News Staff

County Center Road in Oroville is back open this morning after a pipe bomb closed it for several hours.

According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, a man came into the jail around 11:30 yesterday morning and said he found a possible pipe bomb at his Oroville home and it was in his vehicle in the jail parking lot.

The vehicle was moved to another area and after further investigation was rendered safe by the Butte County bomb squad.

The sheriff's office says circumstances related to how the device ended up in the person's yard is currently under investigation.

“The device was evacuated up here so we could deal with it up here,” said Butte County Sheriff’s Sergeant Brad Meyer. “At this point it's just a device, we're going to leave it up here it's under investigations.”

Visiting hours at the Butte County Jail were suspended for about two hours during the time the roads were closed.

The bomb squad would also like to express to the public that if they locate any items they believe may possibly be explosive or hazardous type materials... they are urged to stay away from the items and contact local law enforcement or the fire department immediately.


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