Bomb Scare at Chico Apartment Complex

Aug 5, 2013 3:42 PM

(UPDATE) 4:40 p.m.- The “Pipe Bomb” device was detonated not long after 4 p.m. this afternoon. We do not have official word on when the evacuation orders for the complex will be lifted. We have confirmed the device did not contain any explosives, but instead it was full of marijuana.

(UPDATE) 2:38 p.m.-Our reporter at the scene has confirmed two Chico Police officers entered Apartment 66 where they photographed a “pipe bomb” looking device. The device has been described as a 6” galvanized pipe with two caps at each end with holes drilled into them. Nothing was reportedly sticking out of each end. Butte County Bomb Squad is en route.

We have also learned Chico PD has extended the perimeter of the evacuation zone as a precaution.

(UPDATE) 2:08 p.m
.-From what we have recently gathered from the scene, a “suspicious package” was located in an apartment of a former tenant who was evicted from the complex. The Chico Police Department currently has the west entrance of the complex blocked off, and most of the residences on the west to central end of the complex have been evacuated. Stay tuned for more.

We are trying to gather more information on a situation currently unfolding at the Mission Ranch Apartment complex in Chico. We are awaiting official details from the Chico Police Department, but initial reports from the scene indicate a possible bomb scare.

Chico Police Dispatch confirmed officers responded to the scene just after 1 p.m., but have not received any further details from responding officers. We have confirmed certain rooms/areas of the apartment complex have been evacuated.

We are continuing to confirm further information and will bring you the latest at it comes in to the news room


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