Boles Fire torches home of woman who has been living in her neighborhood for more than 50 years

Sep 17, 2014 8:49 PM

How does one mentally prepare for the loss of a home? Your day starts out like any other day, and within hours it is turned upside down -- by a raging fire.
What was once Gail Breshear's home, is now a pile of mangled metal and rubble.

It's so overwhelming, my whole life is here.
It's Gail's first time coming back since the Boles Fire first ripped through her Angel Valley neighborhood Monday.

I was born and raised in this house...I was brought from the hospital when I was born into this house.

It's an especially tragic loss for Gail -- this was the only home she ever knew for nearly 60 years.
Her home was a family heirloom for the last five generations.

"It's gone...I don't, I'm still numb...I'm in shock."

Firefighters told Gail they were only able to recover these two boxes, full of antique coins her father collected - they are now burned and charred.

"There wasn't much else can see my granddaughter and grandson's cars...they're gone..."

But underneath all the dust and rocks sits a priceless memory Gail branded when she was only four years old.

"There's a sidewalk here that's got my name, and the footprint and handprint..."

For now, Gail has made the HiLo Cafe where she works home, and will stay there for another week before she has to find a new place to stay.

She says she's amazed by all the support she's gotten from the community.

I have the most amazing people in my life and they're all just pouring love to's what's keeping me going."
All in all, the general feeling in Weed is a positive and hopeful one.
Gail says she's not letting her home go -- she wants to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up when the time is right.


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