Boles Fire suspect to be held for trial

Dec 5, 2014 1:51 PM by News Staff

The man accused of starting the wildfire that destroyed roughly half of the town of Weed will stand trial on arson charges.

24-year-old Ronald Marshall has been charged with Arson of an Inhabited Structure or Property, Arson of a Structure or Forest, and Arson of Property of Another. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges in October.

During the preliminary hearing, Siskiyou County prosecutors called on four Weed Police Officers, asking each to detail their encounters with Marshall in the days following the Boles Fire.

Marshall was allegedly caught on surveillance video near the Boles Creek Apartments, which is where the fire started. Marshall was questioned a day after the fire started and on Thursday an officer testified Marshall confessed to starting the fire.

The Boles Fire, which broke out September 15, torched nearly 500 acres and destroyed 150 homes and structures in the town of Weed.

(Photo Courtesy: KDRV)


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