Body Found in Ellis Lake

May 26, 2011 7:48 PM

Sgt. John Osbourn of the Marysville Police Department says, "As the sack or the object floated closer, they realized it was a body."

17 year old, Joe Yancey and Rafael Valdo of Marysville were fishing at Ellis Lake Wednesday afternoon, when they noticed something floating in the water. At first they thought it was just a black plastic bag.. but as it moved closer, they realized it was a body.

That's when Yancey and Valdez tried to reel it in with some fishing line, but were unsuccessful.. And actually had to climb into the lake to fish out the body..
When they finally got the body onto the shore, they noticed it was a woman between 20-30 years old, and roughly five foot three inches tall.. Yancey and Valdo also noticed her eye was bleeding.. Emergency crews responded but couldn't save her. Sgt. Osbourn says, "Firefighter and ambulance personnel attempted life saving measures at the scene and at the hospital."

Marysville police say her body wasn't in the lake for a long period of time.. And they aren't sure whether the woman slipped and drowned or if it was in fact foul play.. The investigation will continue until these questions are answered.. Sgt. Osbourn says, "The events leading up to her death are being vigorously investigated.. We are aware of her identity and we're not releasing that pending further investigation."


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