Body art sculptures on Chico State campus

Feb 13, 2015 3:49 PM by News Staff

The Chico State campus is known for beautiful trees and historic buildings, but students strolling through the school this week have likely noticed something a bit out of the ordinary.

A Chico State sculpting class was given an assignment to cast a body part in plaster, then stage it an interesting way, which is why people have seen a pair of legs hanging from a tree, and hands sticking out of the ground.

Although not everyone in the community has reacted positively, Professor Trevor Lalaguna says the assignment has been a good learning tool, and it has accomplished the goal of all artists-it stirred some attention and warranted a reaction.

A number of the body part art pieces are still on display inside Ayers Hall on campus and the public is always welcome to wander through the hallways and look at the student created artwork.

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