Blake and Terras: Foothill's "Law Firm" taking defenses to school

Nov 5, 2015 3:19 PM by Ross Field

Jerry Rice and John Taylor. Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. Those are some of the best wide receiver duo's in NFL history. Here in the Northstate and on the prep level, we have our own dominant duo. Action News Now's Ross Field has the story.

Blake and Terras - sounds like the name of a landscaping company, or a broker team. Could the name of an auto shop or an accounting firm. Not quite.

This is a different type of duo, one that's into the business of catching footballs.

"Pat, he can do anything." Terras said. "If you throw him the ball in open space, he'll make a guy miss."

"Ryan, he probably has the best ball skills in the Section," Blake added. "He knows exactly when to go up and get the ball."

The dynamic duo has combined for 109 catches, 1,886 receiving yards, and 23 touchdowns. No tandem in the area has even come close to that type of statistical production.

"They're just great playmakers," said Foothill quarterback Trent Banner. "When they try and double-team them I know they're going to still go get the ball."

"We're not really competitive, if one of us has a big game and the other doesn't, we're still really happy for each other," added Blake.

Now if we could just come up with a good nickname....

"Right now I think the 'Law Firm' is pretty solid," said Blake.

Ahh, there it is - Blake and Terras Law Firm.

Case closed.


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