Black Friday at Best Buy

Nov 27, 2011 8:36 PM

There are two things that are pretty certain the day after Thanksgiving, lots of leftovers, and long lines of shoppers hoping to get the best bargains out there.. And despite the slumping economy, this year looks to be no exception. Best Buy Assistant Manager Justin Wade says, "It's been awesome! Better than I expected it to be for sure. Our customers were unreal.. Excited to be here. There were more people here this morning than I've ever seen."

For the first time, Best Buy's doors opened at midnight, instead of it's usual 5 a.m. But Wade says, even with the time difference, people camped out in front of the store for more than 48 hours ahead of time. And within 5 hours of opening, roughly 4,000 people walked through the doors.

Chico Shopper Amber Peasillas says, "I'm making my list, I'm checking it twice. And I have 25 people to buy for." "We wanted to see the sales and try to save some money," says shopper Miguel Ramirez.

And deals were exactly what they got. Wade says, "We've had some of the best deals on T.V.'s, I've ever seen. And then our tablets, portable computers, laptops and net books, customers are really excited about that."

There were only 30 $200 LCD-t.v.'s, but shoppers who didn't score one say it wasn't the only item with an incredible price cut. "Just getting this game because it's cheap right now," says David Solorio. Gio Ramirez says, "I only got a tablet."

And for those who chose to sleep in Friday, Best Buy employees say there is still a lot left to go around.

According to the National Retail Federation, a total of 152-million people are expected to shop this weekend.. up from 138-million last year. The group is also forecasting a nearly three-percent increase in sales over last year.


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