Black Butte Lake Levels Low

Jan 20, 2014 7:36 PM

Like Lake Oroville, Black Butte Lake is seeing extremely low water levels.

A US Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger estimates it is 13% of full holding capacity.

Donald Sloniker drove from Chico to Black Butte Lake, west of Orland, to check out its water levels.

He’s been coming for 30 years, going waterskiing and fishing with his family.

“I’ve never seen it this low, ever. Or Lake Oroville. It's unbelievable,” Sloniker said.

The Buckhorn ramp is completely closed for boaters, while Eagle Pass is launch at your own risk.

Bill McEckron, an Orland farmer, had the same idea as Sloniker, but didn't have to come as far.

He wasn't surprised by what he saw.

“I’ve been in Orland for about15 years and we've had some dry years, but this year is particularly bad,” McEckron said.


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