Bike parking corral installed in downtown Chico

Mar 27, 2014 1:33 PM

Downtown Chico just got a whole lot bike-friendlier.

City workers installed a new bike corral this morning in front of The Naked Lounge on Second St.

The Naked Lounge owner Alec Binyon is excited about the new addition.

"Downtown is way more bike friendly than it was before all of these changes and we hope that this just can be a place to park now that all these new bikes are coming through downtown,” Binyon said, adding he hopes to see the bike corral full all the time.

In the spot where one car used to be able to park, the corral standing in its place can house about 20 bicycles.

The latest data shows 58 bikers were injured and/or killed in 2011. Of those 58 bikers, 15 were under the age of nine.


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