Biggs High School Scholarships

Jun 4, 2010 7:19 PM

"I am so blessed, I really do believe that faith can take you anywhere" explained Biggs High School senior Brenda Acevedo. And good grades don't hurt either. 18 year old Biggs High School senior Brenda Acevedo has been accepted to all 15 of the colleges she applied for. They include Yale, Harvard and Oxford Universities. Something no one else in her family has ever done. "She is the first to go to college, and here she is now going to Stanford" stated scholarship coordinator Georgianne Meeker.
Brenda was recently awarded several scholarships, the most prestigious was the Gates Millenium, as in Microsoft mogul Bill Gates. More than 21,000 students apply nationwide for the scholarship, and Brenda was one of a thousand to receive it. Her classmate Jackie Caro, did too. The scholarship will pay for their entire education all the way through their Doctorate Degree. "I feel a total relief for my parents and for myself to not have to worry so much about financial circumstances, and focus more on my school work" explained Jackie Caro.
The two girls are at the top of quite an impressive class. Forty-one students are graduating next week and out of them thirty-seven are college bound, 76% of those have received scholarships. "We're estimating at least 785,000 dollars is given to students here in this tiny little school" said Dawn Merlo, a counselor for Biggs high school.
Biggs High School has implemented several programs in order to give it's students a helping hand, one of which is "Upward Bound" which is designed to assist low income and first generation students as they prepare for college. "It's so exciting to see that these kids know they can achieve anything" said Merlo.
And Brenda doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. "Hard work does pay off and I am just so happy and excited that I have been given all these opportunities" stated Brenda. She plans on studying Human Biology at Stanford before moving on to medical school, and Jackie will go to U-C Berkeley and major in business.


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