Big Thunderstorm In Chico

Nov 2, 2015 10:03 PM by Kris Kuyper

Wild weather today in parts of the North State, with strong thunderstorms moving through! These storms will dissipate Monday evening, and the sun will be back on Tuesday.

We saw a nice plume of moisture move through northern California yesterday evening, bringing good rain to us Sunday night. Cold and unstable low pressure rotated over us Monday, and combined with the afternoon sunshine we briefly saw, sparked a few big thunderstorms! The biggest one developed in northern Butte County and moved south, right over Chico, Paradise and Magalia. This storm not only rattled windows with it's thunder, but also produced buckets of rain and plenty of pea sized hail in the late afternoon Monday. The storm moved south and slowly dissipated afterwards. While Shasta and Tehama counties did see a few showers... It was Butte County that saw the brunt of the heavy rain from this latest storm. But as that cold low continues southward, our weather will quiet down overnight.

Look for the sun to return Tuesday, and high pressure will slowly try to rebuild over us. Low temperatures at night will be cold once the skies clear Tuesday and Wednesday nights... Valley lows will be in the low 40's and upper 30's! We'll warm back up later this week and weekend, although clouds will mix with the sunshine later this week. No rain in the seven day forecast.


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