BIG storm Thursday!

Dec 10, 2014 9:21 PM by Kris Kuyper

Big storm coming! Rain arrived in the early evening around most of the North State, and the winds got a bit breezy by the afternoon. Low pressure is developing off the coast, and will head to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow as it deepens rapidly. This will kick up a strong south wind! Look for 50 mph gusts in the Valley after midnight, with 60 mph gusts possible between 7am and 9am Thursday. The winds will slowly diminish through the rest of the day Thursday, and be relatively quiet by Thursday evening.

The rain will turn moderate to heavy and remain that way through most of the day Thursday. We can expect 2" to 4" of rain in the Valley by Thursday night! It will turn to just a few scattered showers by Friday. The snow level will start around 6000' and stay that way through most of Thursday, then drop to near 4000' by early Friday... but there won't be much moisture left by then.

With clearing skies and the very moist ground, fog is possible this weekend in the morning hours. Otherwise, this weekend looks nice & dry.

A couple of weak storms will impact us next week with a few showers. But they won't be anywhere close to the big storm coming tonight & tomorrow!


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