Big Rig Accident Brings Southbound I-5 to Standstill

Jun 25, 2013 5:46 PM

(UPDATE) 5:50 p.m.- Latest traffic camera images indicate both northbound lanes and one southbound lane is open near the Pitt River Bridge. No word yet on full opening of I-5 south.

(UPDATE) 4:50 p.m.-
All southbound traffic remains closed, including one northbound lane in order to assist with the cleanup efforts.

We are receiving reports that all southbound traffic on I-5 near the south end of Pitt River Bridge north of Redding is at a complete standstill after a collision involving two big rigs and a UPS Truck. Cal Trans has reported a fuel spill with injuries as well. Southbound traffic on the I-5 in the area remains closed at this time. We will update you with more as soon as we can.


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