Big Bend Mobile Home Park in Yankee Hill "Maintaining" water supply

Sep 30, 2014 8:19 PM by Brian Johnson

Yankee Hill's Big Bend Mobile Home Park is being closely watched by the state of California as they run out of water.

Big Bend's manager, Sandy Warner, has a lot on her hands these days.

She's fielded a handful of calls from different media outlets Tuesday, including the Weather Channel, all relating to the biggest problem on her hands.

"We've had some issues with water," Warner said.

"[We're] just kind of running out of water," resident John Dougherty. "Got one well that went dry and the other well is pretty much working overtime trying to keep up."

"Tenants have been great," Warner said. "They've really been great to work with us, and us with them. We do patrols once a week to make sure we're not having water leaks anywhere."

Warner says the water supply has been particularly low the past few weeks, but the state has been monitoring the 35-unit mobile home park for the past few months.

But in the past few days, she says things have improved.

"We had one well go dry but we're able to maintain right now with all the cutbacks we've been doing," Warner said.

Cutbacks her daughter, Misty, is taking pretty seriously.

"I collect rain water that comes down off the awning here into my barrel that has holes and a screen," Warner said. "And I'm able to use a bucket for instance to fill it up and take it inside when the water's out."

When the water's out, which Dougherty says has happened many times, residents are out of options, even when families with kids need water most.

"Accidents happen and there's no way to clean it up even in the middle of the night because there's no water or anything," Dougherty said.

But at least nobody will go thirsty, as a spring box five miles down the road provides an endless supply of clean drinking water for mobile home park residents.

Back up at the mobile home park, Warner says their holding tanks are filling back up.

"Those storms last week were great because now our well is producing more," Warner said.

And even better, there's great news from the state.
"We have been approved for a new well. When they're going to start drilling I'm not sure," Warner said.

Residents say this isn't the first year the supply has been low where they live.

Up until recently, Big Bend had a policy of turning off the water from 10 pm to 5 am to conserve water. They also cut back the flow of the well from five gallons a minute to three.


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