Big Al's Drive-In Employees Fight Off Robber

Dec 6, 2010 8:20 PM

"I tried to make the guy leave, he was brandishing a gun and said give me the money, I said get out of here, leave. He said no and brought it back up and that's when I grabbed it, twisted it and it went off." explained Big Al's Drive-In night manager James Hyatt. It was an intense evening for employees at Big Al's Drive-In in Chico Sunday night after an attempted robbery turned into a wrestling match between the suspect and several workers. Employees say 72-year old Allen Anderson of Chico entered the restaurant through the back door shortly after it closed pointed a gun at workers and demanded money...
"I didn't even think, oh I should give him the money and go, I was just worried about the gun" Hyatt said. That's when night manager James Hyatt and his co-workers decided to take matters into their own hands. Hyatt grabbed the gun and struggled with the gunman, as other employees tried to wrestle him to the ground. During the struggle the gun did go off, hitting one of the employees in the leg. The workers injury was minor and he was released from Enloe Medical Center later that night. "As a matter of course, we would not recommend that somebody try to disarm someone that's holding a gun on them, obviously the likelihood of somebody getting hurt is extreme" said Sergeant Rob Merrifield of the Chico Police Department.
Big Al's Drive-In employees were able to detain the suspect until police arrived on scene. Allen Anderson was booked into the Butte County Sheriff's Office on robbery charges and assault with a deadly weapon. Big Al's Drive-In employees did tell action news they recognized the suspect, who they say frequently hung out in the restaurant parking lot.


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