Big 49er game means big bucks for local businesses

Jan 10, 2014 5:04 PM

It's playoff time and the San Francisco 49ers are days away from a huge game against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But the financial impact of this meeting can still be felt here in the North State.

“Red and gold ‘til were dead and cold,” said Chico native Matt Shaughnessy who is part of the 49ers faithful.

“My grandparents have actually played tennis with Bill Walsh back in the day,” he said. “They were friends.”

And now he's passing the San Francisco support on to his young son, Bradely.

“For me and his grandpa it’s huge,” he said. “We’re trying to get him into it.”

At Bella's Sports Pub in Chico, staff is stocking up because this weekend’s big game means big bucks.

“We ordered extra alcohol because people like to celebrate and we bought champagne because last year people bought champagne for the 49ers game,” said bartender Caroline Dabrowa.

Dabrowa say every Sunday during football season brings in big business. But when the postseason rolls around and the Niners are still competing, business is even better.

“Business increases a lot especially now that playoffs are going on,” she said. “I would say at least double.”


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