Bidwell Park Car Burglary Warning

Apr 17, 2013 7:40 PM

Bidwell Park Rangers are warning visitors to secure their valuables after noticing a handful of weekend burglaries.
As more visitors head to the parks, rangers say they have noticed a spring spike in car burglaries at parking lots in Upper and Lower Park.
Visitors are asked to leave as many valuables as possible at home, and if you must take them with you rangers say it is best to keep them out of sight to avoid tempting would be burglars.
Rangers are also working to make it harder for people to commit crimes in the park.
"We are increasing the ranger presence, park watch presence and other park staff on specific days at specific times to just be out there having a presence," Senior Park Ranger Jessica Erdahl said.
Some of the more vulnerable parking areas are at the entrance to Upper Bidwell Park, Cedar Grove and the South Five Mile parking lot.


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