Bidwell Mansion time capsule examined by curator

Feb 5, 2015 7:28 PM by News Staff, Photo via Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park

The contents of a time capsule discovered at Bidwell Mansion last November remain a mystery, but curators recently examined the contents and determined there are no solid objects inside.

The Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park posted the update on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

The post said curators examined the contents in December. Probing of the fiber packing rolls indicated that there were no solid objects inside. A paper conservator will come to the Mansion in March and further examine the contents, then make recommendations for opening the fiber and paper rolls.

A Chico construction crew found the time capsule beneath a historic marker at the Bidwell Mansion State Park.

While its origin is unknown, the marker in which it was found was placed nearly 90 years ago.


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