Bidwell LOC Being Held In Chico This Weekend

Aug 16, 2013 10:32 AM

The blog posting sent to Action News Now by Sarah Fontaine with more info on this weekend's event:

The Bidwell Local Obstacle Challenge is the first obstacle challenge run being held in Chico’s very own Bidwell Park. The event follows the 5k course, but includes obstacles such as hay bales, tires, tunnels, climbing walls, and swimming through Sycamore Pool (1 Mile Pool), rather than crossing the bridge. Not only do you get to climb stuff, but a portion of the proceeds goes right back to the park to support restoration of the Vita Trail. They figure if we use the park, the least we can do is help to maintain it. We could go into the spiel about how fun this is going to be, but you already know that if you have ever done any event with obstacles in it. Instead, let’s talk about what this can do for our community. This event, while challenging, can be fun. The LOC event focuses on bringing the community together to participate in fun, healthy exercise.

Many Chico traditions have started with a simple idea and have grown as people dared to try new things. Take the annual New Year’s Day “Polar Bear Swim” at Sycamore Pool. You’ve probably seen it and if you haven’t, man are you missing out. The people show up very early in the morning, wearing crazy costumes. Half the crowd jumps into freezing water, while the other half shows up to support this crazy, fun idea.

We want to be yet another, crazy idea that helps to make Chico the unique community that it is. The kind of community that hasn’t lost its small-town roots of jumping in creeks. The kind of community that knows how to work hard and play harder. Chico is known for its trees, bikers, runners, and Robin Hood. Chico is also known for our amazing community programs and love of our park. Let’s make the park known for something new… let’s make the park about putting on silly costumes and climbing over stuff, where serious athlete meets small-town kid.

Our slogan: DO THE LOC

What you should do: DO THE LOC

Where: Lower Bidwell Park When: August 17, 2013 @ 8:00am

After-party is at the Bear Sign-ups are online at:

For updates:


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