Bicycle Accidents Spike In Chico

Jan 23, 2013 7:34 PM

It's an issue that's causing Chico Police Officers to become even more vigilant on the roadways, vehicle vs bicycle accidents. "Bicycle accidents seem to be growing lately. Been seeing a lot of them, even while the kids have been gone," according to Chico Police Officer Mike DiGiordano. He says many of the incidents are the result of riders not following the rules of the road. "A bicycle, and a car on the street are no different. They're both required to follow the same rules."

DiGiordano there are several laws specifically meant to keep bicyclists safe on the streets, but those laws don't work, if the bicyclists aren't obeying the laws themselves. "Bicyclists failing to obey signs, riding the wrong way against traffic, younger kids without helmets." All could be fatal mistakes for cyclists, but Officer DiGiordano says there are programs provided by the county to keep children from riding without a helmet. "They can get a helmet for as little as a few dollars, to in some cases, absolutely nothing to make sure that child has a safely fitting helmet."

On top of helmets, riders should also be making special preparations if they plan to ride at night. "Bikes at night are required to have the proper reflectors, they're required to have lights that illuminate forward. Wearing dark clothes on a dark bike with no light is serious. People get hit," according to DiGiordano.


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