Best Buy in Chico Remains Closed Following Fire

Mar 14, 2016 10:46 PM by Marc Blaine

While the Chico Fire Department's investigation of the fire at the Best Buy in South Chico continues, people looking to shop at store on 20th Street are being turned away at the door by a security guard.

The store has been closed since March 9 following a fire in the rear warehouse area. Firefighters say besides damage to the warehouse, the fire damaged a trailer in the loading dock that contained TV's and various other electronics. Also, smoke entered the retail portion of the store. "We hope that it opens soon," said Alicia Mendizaval.

Mendizaval and two friends were among those turned away. They were hoping to purchase a tablet. While they're happy to hear no one was hurt in the fire, they came from Willows which is about a 50 minute drive. "Coming all the way over here for something we needed, and just run other errands and then it being closed, very inconvenient," said Mendizaval.

As the anchor store of the Pheasant Run Shopping Center, the closure of Best Buy has had repercussions for some neighboring businesses, including Round Table Pizza. "If you look around there's not a lot of people in the store," said Ian Smith, a crew leader at the pizza parlor. "I think it has definitely had some sort of effect on business."

Smith wouldn't mind seeing Best Buy reopen as soon as possible, since like everyone, the electronic store's customers do get hungry. "People can't help but be tempted, I mean there's ice cream over there, pizza right here, Jamba Juice there, there's food everywhere."

A representative at Best Buy's corporate office in Minnesota told Action News Now, they are working as quickly as possible to get the store cleaned up, but right now there is no estimate when the store will reopen for business.


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