Berry Creek Residents Wait For Power...

Mar 1, 2011 8:14 PM

" It's been bad, no water to flush the toilets, you gotta cary water in and fill up the tank to flush the toilet, heat water on the stove to shave", said Berry Creek resident Gordon Keyes. For the last several days life hasn't been easy for Berry Creek residents. Last weeks storm knocked out power to thousands in the north state. For most, power has been restored, but for more than 400 Berry Creek residents, they're still waiting. " There's nothing wrong with our power deal, nothing. The pole is good, there's no trees on it, everything's fine so we should have power", said Keyes.
PG&E crews are working in the area to restore the power. The main power line for Berry Creek has been turned on and PG&E officials say they're now turning on individual distribution lines that run to homes, but that's little consolation for those who've been waiting for days. " You get the same thing you get in the recording, it'll be running tomorrow night or the day after", said Berry Creek resident Carl Lindberg. Keyes adds " They all tell you pretty soon and they just mix a lot of stuff in with it that isn't true".
PG&E officials say one of the main problems caused by the storm was the amount of trees that fell onto power lines damaging transmission lines or poles. They say the majority of the damage has been cleaned up and power will be on as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Gordon Keyes sits and waits. " I think they'll just fix it when they feel like it and that's that", said Keyes.
PG&E says the power to all Berry Creek residents should be restored either late tonight or early tomorrow. They also say several residents in Yuba County remain without power and many of them will have to wait until tomorrow for that to return.


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