Beer Camp Across America-Chico sells out

Jul 18, 2014 6:20 PM by Brian Johnson

If you have a ticket to tomorrow's Beer Camp Across America kickoff in Chico, consider yourself lucky, because tickets sold out late afternoon Friday.

Tomorrow, 5,000 craft-brew fans will celebrate the industry on Sierra Nevada's grounds as the multi-city tour begins.
Each city will have about 100 craft brewers on site, offering two beer options each.

Sierra Nevada's Ryan Arnold said it took a lot of work to bring these breweries together.

But he said the reward is access to hundreds of craft beers in one place.

"We think the craft beer faithful certainly get that and I think they're quickly on board," said Arnold. "Others getting to know craft beer, it's something they give pause, but I think folks thankfully are talking enough and realizing how special this can be."

The event will also include live music and plenty of familiar food trucks from Chico's Thursday night market.
For a list of all festival stops and details, click here.


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