Bed Bugs in Butte County

Jan 14, 2011 8:11 PM

Clark Pest Control Department Head Fred Ruggiero says, "The biggest thing that we use is steam heat where we'll go along the mattresses, the bed springs, the carpet edges, head boards. Anywhere they can hide."

They're only the size of an apple seed but exterminator Fred Ruggiero says bed bugs can ruin a peaceful night sleep. The tiny creatures are very small reddish-brown insects that feed on human blood during the night. They might leave welts on the skin. They'll almost certainly give you the creeps.. But their bites are not actually harmful to humans. "They do not carry disease. They carry trauma with the customer with just the name of bed bugs and the fact that they do run around in the house while you're sleeping," Fred says.

Like the name implies, bed bugs are mostly found in beds. But they can also be hiding in bedroom furniture, loosened wall paper, and even in the cracks of picture frames. So how do they get there? Butte County Public Health Officer, Doctor Mark Lundberg says you might want to check you vacation itinerary. Mark says, "If someone has been somewhere where there's bed bugs, then those bed bugs catch a ride on clothing or the furniture, and they're brought to a new location."

And once they're there, they begin to multiply which makes the problem very hard to eliminate. So try to prevent the bugs from even entering your front door. Mark says, "When you get back from a trip try to immediately wash your clothes in hot water and dry them in hot air."

Also Clark Pest Control recommends taking a flash light with you while travelling to identify the problem before it leaves the site. Because once these creepy crawlers make a home in your bed, they can survive for weeks to months without a blood meal. Leaving only the professionals to fix it. If you come across a bed bug infestation you should report it to local authorities.


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