Beautiful Burney Falls... On One Tank of Gas...

May 4, 2011 8:17 PM

President Theodore Roosevelt once referred to it as the eighth wonder of the world, and when standing at the base of Burney Falls, it's clear the title is more than fitting. " Amazing, that is usually the word that comes out, amazing, there's just no word to describe them", said Burney Falls general store manager Linda Dawson.
Just six miles north of Burney, is this waterfall in all it's glory. Both breath taking and beautiful Burney Falls is nestled in the Mcarthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, located within the Cascade range and Modoc Plateau natural region. The park stretches 910 acres of forest, and rocky terrain formed by previous volcanic activity and erosion from weather and streams. Created over a million years ago, the surrounding land is every outdoor enthusiasts dream come true, but the falls are by far the main attraction. " My husband and I started camping in the area about 20 years ago, we did a little exploring, found Burney Falls and we've been coming back ever since", said Pittville resident Sandi Kaul.
A spectacular site, the waterfall looks as though it should be deep within a jungle rainforest. The crystal clear water flows from underground springs to form a double cascade that falls down to the Burney Creek Gorge where it feeds into Lake Britton a mile downstream. The water falls from several spots out of the volcanic mountain cliff where it forms a mist filled basin. " A few days in the summer, hit that cool mist off the falls and it's just heaven", Dawson explained.
An astonishing 100-million gallons flow from the falls everyday, and it's one of California's very few waterfalls that flows all year long, making it one of mother nature's must see hidden treasures. Standing 129 feet tall Burney Falls is in no way California's highest or largest waterfall, but to many it's the most beautiful. " It's just breath taking, it's absolutely pristinely gorgeous, I don't think a lot of people even know it's here", said Kaul. Dawson added " I call it Paradise".
Serving as the parks centerpiece, the falls bring in the visitors, but once inside the park there's much more to do than gaze at their beauty. " There's deer, we have eagles osprey, all kinds of different birds", said Burney Falls concession manager Bud Dawson. His wife Linda added " Boating, swimming, canoeing, backpacking".
24 cabins are available for rent in the park between April and October, all a short walking distance from the thundering falls. " There's a lot of people here, but it's not so crowded that you can't get some privacy also", explained Dawson.
The 276 round trip will leave the average compact car with just over a quarter of a tank, but the miles driven and gas money spent is well worth it, to view this stunning sight.


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