Bear breaks into Paradise garage; feasts on salmon, breakfast bars

Sep 7, 2015 2:02 PM by News Staff

A Paradise woman has quite the story to tell after she came face to face with a bear in her garage early Sunday morning.

Tina Farrar says she was at her home on Lucky John Road when she heard a noise coming from her garage. Thinking she’d have to shoo a bear, she headed out.

As she walked into the garage she spotted a torn bag of sugar, and then the bear. “I thought it was a raccoon because I could see a little bit, and then he raised up and I was back in the house slamming the door shut” Farrar said.

She says she ran into a laundry room and slammed the door. The bear eventually left, but not before it feasted on some snacks.

Farrar says the bear got into the freezer and ate some smoked salmon, fresh salmon and french fries, before moving to the pantry for some breakfast bars and brown sugar.

Farrar says she’s seen skunks and raccoons in the garage, but the bear was first.


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