Bealer trial transferred to Sacramento County

Dec 1, 2014 11:59 AM by News Staff

The murder trial of Quentin Bealer, the man accused of murdering a Red Bluff teenager, will take place in Sacramento County.

The decision to transfer Bealer's case to Sacramento County was made Monday morning in Tehama County. The possible venues for transfer were Yuba County and Sacramento County, but the defense argued that Yuba County residents had been exposed to the case by local media.

Bryan Edelman, an expert who performed a comparative analysis of the possible counties, said because Sacramento is the 8th largest county in the state there is a lot more news going on, therefore local media is less likely to have covered the case.

Bealer's defense began seeking the change of venue in April of 2014 and successfully argued that Bealer could not get a fair jury in Tehama County, charging that media coverage has been inflammatory and sensational, and that 90 percent of the county's population was already familiar with the case.

Prosecutors say Bealer killed 14-year-old Marysa Nichols in February of 2013.

Bealer was caught on security tape in the area that Nichols was last seen and investigators deemed him a person of interest in the case, he turned himself in days later.


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