Bealer's Steps Don't Add Up

Mar 14, 2013 10:32 PM

Did Quentin Bealer kill 14-year old Marysa Nichols? That answer will be determined by a jury, but until then, what probable cause did police have to make an arrest?

Those details were recently revealed in court documents.

In court on Tuesday, Bealer questioned why he is charged in Nichols' death when all police have is a video of him walking with the girl.

Answers to that question came in probable cause affidavit obtained by The Redding Record Searchlight and studied by Action News earlier this week.

During an interview with police, Bealer admitted he was the one seen in a school surveillance video at 11am on the day Marysa disappeared. Bealer explained he walked south from Douglas Street into Red Bluff High. He crossed through a creek at the schools edge and continued south on Dumosa Street. At that point Bealer claimed he continued south, crossing Walnut Street onto Scottsdale Way.

Eventually bealer ended up at the Circle K on South Jackson Street. Video surveillance confirms that he arrived five hours after he was seen on school surveillance tape.

Police retraced Bealers steps and found a hole in his alibi. The route that took him five hours to walk, they covered in just 12 minutes.

But that's not all, after reviewing surveillance tape from the more for less store at Walnut and Dumosa streets, police determined no one crossed Walnut street at that location between the hours of eleven and noon. Which would have fit Bealer's statement.

Finally, three students place Bealer and Nichols walking about three feet apart through the creek area around 11:10 am the day she went missing.


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