Bealer Has Trouble Getting Attorney

Mar 12, 2013 9:14 PM

No one seems to want to defend the Tehama County man charged in the death of Red Bluff teen Marysa Nichols. 39-year-old Quentin Bealer was in court twice Tuesday, but still did not manage to be assigned a defense attorney.

Of the three public defenders that were present, all found they had conflicts with the case. Meaning they had previously defended witnesses or victims in the case.

The judge decided to continue proceedings till this afternoon to find other public defenders. He asked Bealer if he understood, and instead of answering, Bealer spoke questioned why he's charged with murder when they only have video of him walking with a kid.

“I won’t comment on that. Whether of he understands the charge is really up to him and the court or him and his attorney. So I can’t make a comment on the evidence in the case,” said Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen.

In the afternoon court proceedings, two more public defenders conflicted out. Bealer still does not have an attorney and still has not entered a plea.

He is due back in court Wednesday morning.

The judge will ask former Tehama county Deputy DA Shaun Northum to defend Bealer. If there is still an issue, the judge will ask for the assistance of private attorneys.


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