Bealer Exhibited Odd Behavior Before Arrest

Mar 4, 2013 7:53 PM

39-year-old Quentin Bealer turned himself into the police department Saturday morning after friends recognized him as the person of interest in the murder of 14-year-old Marysa Nichols.

Friends confronted Bealer early Saturday morning, and when his story did not add up, they knew they had to turn him in.

Last week on Tuesday afternoon Eddie Ouellette arrived home to find friend Quentin Bealer hosing himself down in the back yard. Days later the reality of what he was doing set in.

“He was hiding the clothes that he killed that little girl in. He was hiding those clothes because I believe there was blood that he was washing off his body,” said Ouellette.

Eddie and his friend Mike followed the Marysa Nichols disappearance from the beginning but didn't make the connection to Bealer until Friday night.

“When I seen that video, I told mike, you need to call the tip line. You need to let them know that this is Quentin.
“I show him(Quentin) the video of it... and he is like... that’s me,” said Mike Hency.

After hours of convincing, Mike walked Bealer to the police station. On their way they passed a memorial to the slain teen.

“And he just looked at it, and he just got that cold look on his face and he was like 'i got a bad feeling about this',” said Hency.

It's not his first run-in with the law, Bealer has been in and out of jail since early 90's and was arrested 5 times in 2012. He has done time for theft, domestic violence and drug abuse which friends say grew worse in the last year.

“Meth… in one way or another, it changes you. It causes your morals and your values to deteriorate,” said high school friend Jeremiah Setzer. He adds Bealer was a good person, but it was obvious the drugs were taking their toll.

“I think that anybody that is under the influence of meth or PCP or these harsh street drugs is capable of anything at anytime, especially with prolonged use,” said Setzer.

Acquaintances said today women felt uncomfortable around Bealer, he would often come on too strong and was known to watch pornography on his phone in public.

He was not a registered sex offender and police have not said if he sexually assaulted Nichols before her death.


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