BCSO: Passerby tied up during possible attempted marijuana robbery

Jan 3, 2015 3:20 PM

Butte Co SO: 7am this morning in Bangor, 6 white males nearly ran a man, 55, off Sunrise Hill Rd. The man confronted the group, and they tied him with zipties and threw him in the back of his car. 2 stayed with him, while the other 4 banged on a the door of a home where the residents had been growing medicinal marijuana. The group of men were armed with shotguns, assault rifles, and were wearing masks. They identified themselves as police, and one was wearing a police patch. The residents wouldn't let the group in, so they left. A while later, the residents heard the zip-tied man yell for help. They untied him and called 911. A BOLO was issued for a black truck with a black horse trailer. DEVELOPING...


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