BCAG implements new policies to make bus rides safer

Mar 26, 2014 6:30 PM

People take more than one-and-a-half-million rides on Butte County buses each year. And they're not all, well, perfect passengers.

“We've had people get up and urinate on the bus. We’ve had people start yelling. They start harassing other passengers or harassing the driver,” said Jon Clark, Butte County Association of Governments executive director. “So it does become a real safety problem.”

To help stop these problems, BCAG is putting new policies in place. Bus drivers will now have more authority when it comes to having disruptive passengers removed from buses temporarily. Or, in more severe cases, have them banned from public transit permanently.

Eddie Gutierrez rides the bus everyday from Paradise to Chico and says his ride can be pretty rough.

“People are ready to fight for nothing,” he said. “Just because they're having a bad day and they're on the bus with other people that might be having a bad day.”

Another main problem that is being addressed is people posing their pets as service animals.

“They bring in rats, dogs and snakes saying that they’re service animals,” said longtime Butte Regional Transit bus driver Eduardo Valladolid. “I don’t like snakes myself but we couldn’t say anything because they were saying they were service animals.”

These new policies will go into effect starting July 1.


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