Bass Fishermen Flock to Lake Oroville

Jan 17, 2013 8:41 PM

Fishing at Lake Oroville is a favorite pastime. But this week it's a livelihood for dozens of the best bass fishermen in the country.

They've traveled from all over the west coast.

"We've got people from Idaho, Oregon, Washington," says Ron Lappin.

Towing along their boats and trailers, these are the best bass fisherman in the United States. They're ready to tackle Lake Oroville and it's big supply of bass.

"Oroville is one of the top spotted bass lakes in the whole United States," adds Lappin.

65-year-old Allen Todd made the trip from Nevada.

"The feeling of catching a fish, I guess there's no words to describe it, it's just excitement, the most exciting thing I've got left in life, go fishing, hook a big one and I'm happy," said Todd.

The FLW Outdoors Bass Fishing Tournament is an annual event at Lake Oroville.

Ron Lappin, an event organizer, told me each year this tournament helps the local economy reel in several thousands of dollars.

"The guys that fish this event know that the competition is the best in the West and they've got to do well to do that, and to do that, they've had to have to come up here and practiced, spent a lot of money in the economy over the last four or five days," said Lappin.

Some fisherman we spoke with said that Lake Oroville has one of the largest supplies for spotted bass in northern California. However, the bass themselves, well they're not that large."

"Oroville has quite a few fish, most of them are small. Our five best are probably going to be about 8, 9 pounds, but what else can you do? Even if I don't catch one, you can't ask for a more beautiful place to be," said Todd.


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