Barber college looks to open in Chico

Dec 12, 2013 6:27 PM

Look around Chico and barber shops are everywhere. What you won't find are many places to train those giving the haircuts. Local barber Anthony Eidem is looking to change that by opening a barber college in Chico.

“It will be the only barber college from San Francisco, Sacramento up,” he said.

Eidem owns Gearhead Barbershop in Chico and has been cutting hair for almost a decade. Now he wants to pass along his knowledge to others.

“Teaching those people how to shave and do the buzz cuts and work with the clippers and fades will open the industry even more in the town,” he said.

Located next to Chico State on the corner of Third and Normal, the proposed Chico Barber College will offer a different kind of education: one that Eidem says is almost recession proof.

“That’s history. Even in the depression barbershops kept going reason,” he said. “Why barbershops kept going is because you need to go out and get a job, you need to look good and it’s the ones that go out and look like they’re trying are the ones that get employed and get things moving.”

But barbering is not just for the fellas. Several longtime hairstylists are looking to enroll in the college and help sharpen their skills.

“A lot of people want razoring, a lot of people want things that cosmos can't do,” said Mia McMillian, who has been doing hair in Chico for the past 15 years.

McMillian wants to expand her business and hopes to do so by enrolling in barber college.

“Cosmetology ventures straight into cosmetology whereas barbering ventures straight into barbering,” McMillian said. “It would be great to have them both.”

Chico Barber College was approved by the county Thursday afternoon and it should be open now later than March.

Anyone looking to enroll should contact Anthony Eidem at 530-566-3967 or


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