Bar Shooting Leaves Residents Questioning Security...

Jul 4, 2011 7:23 PM

Saturday night's shooting at one of Chico's favorite downtown bars, La Salles, has left many in disbelief. Kim Garth was there that night, and says the entire ordeal was like living a nightmare. " I was in the path of the gun, I was right behind the guy that got shot. I don't know who shoved me to the ground, but I'm thankful for that, but then I was trampled, and people walked over me, I couldn't even get up", said Chico resident Kim Garth.
Police say 25-year old Shane Warner opened fire on the bars back patio. 22-year old Sam Smith was shot four times in the chest, and 24-year old Nicole Chin, who was dancing near smith, was shot twice in the leg. Warner was taken down by bar security outside the club and held until police arrived. While many agree, bars like La Salles have heavy security teams in place for patrons, they say others seem to let anyone through the door. " I've been to bars where people are getting knives pulled on them and what not, and then they want to do something about it when it's already too late for that", said Chico resident Jeff Menzies. His brother Ken Menzies adds " They should definitely be doing it as well, if it happens at one bar who's to say it won't happen at any other bar".
And some are suggesting more needs to be done. " They should pat people down, have signs that say we have the right to refuse service if we can't search through your wallets and purses and any of your belongings", Jeff said. Ken added " Definitely should have the wands in place, it's simple, it's easy, they do it for the fair, sporting good events, why not the bars".
Still some argue no matter what the security, crime will find it's way in anywhere. " If somebody's going to get a gun in there, they're gonna get a gun in there, whether they put in on a female, or throw it over the fence, or they hide it that day, who knows", said Garth.


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