Back To School Shopping

Aug 7, 2010 8:30 PM

Stores across the North State, including F.K.O. in Chico, are filling up with shoppers getting ready to start the new school year. "We're going shopping, we just got back from the mall, and then we decided to stop here because last year they had really good clothes," seventh grader Keli St. Germain stated. "I got a new shirt and a new pair of shoes," explained seventh grader Allison Kennedy.

All clothes and shoes for adults and children are 20 to 50 percent off. Brand names like Fox and Element are popular items for backpacks. Etnies amd Skechers are high selling names for shoes. Even though the sale will run until the end of August, F.K.O. employees say the early start of school is affecting business. "We used to have the whole month of August and now we just get two weeks of it and it's not good," employee Samantha Stull said.

Overall, F.K.O. sales remain close to the same as last year. Aaron Foster says he brings his family all the way from Red Bluff to shop at F.K.O., but the economy has him cutting back. "We got to be fair with everybody and spread it around a little more than we had in the past. It just helps out that things are way better priced and way better quality and cooler than anything we can find at home."

The National Retail Federation expects about a 10 percent increase in back to school sales this year.


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