"AVOID the 8" checkpoint nets drunken drivers, stolen car

Jan 4, 2016 5:42 PM by News Staff

Paradise Police Department along with Chico Police Department and officials from the State Parks Department conducted drunken driving checkpoints Dec. 18 – Jan 3 as part of the “AVOID the 8” DUI taskforce.

Officers stopped 32 drivers during the checkpoint period. Of those 32 stops, two individuals were arrested drunken driving, according to the Paradise Police. One other driver was stopped for driving on a suspended license and one stolen car was recovered.

As part of the larger “AVOID the 8” taskforce, officers representing eight county law enforcement agencies arrested 57 individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the period.

Law enforcement officials said they will be conducting more high visibility anti-drunken driving efforts throughout the county and region again on Super Bowl Sunday followed by a crackdown on St Patrick’s Day.

Police, Sheriff and the CHP are encouraging all motorists to report drunk drivers by calling 911 anytime a driver appears to be impaired.


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