Authorities Seek Suspects in Gold Heist

Mar 29, 2013 7:57 PM

A big break in a case we have been following for more than a year. Siskiyou County authorities have identified two men they say stole more than a million dollars worth of historic gold from the courthouse in Yreka.

It was late on January 31st, 2012 when two masked burglars slipped into the courthouse under the cover of night and stole more than a million dollars in gold. Today, authorities are one step closer to catching the culprits.

They have identified their men, but the trouble now turns to catching them. 49-year-old David Johnson and 51-year-old Scott Bailey have evaded law enforcement for more than a year. They're now wanted in the theft of Yreka’s historic gold.

“We are confident within a reasonable amount of time that law enforcement authorities will catch up to them and serve the warrants on them and arrest them,” said Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey.

Lopey's men have been working for the last 14-months, trying to learn who the men are who were captured on a courthouse surveillance video, making off with the loot.

A break finally came in the case when the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors offered a $50,000 reward.

Soon after, the Sheriff’s office was flooded with tips that lead investigators in two different directions. Homes were searched locally in Redding and Shasta Lake, but also in the Bay Area cities of El Cerrito and El Sobrante. With warrants in hand, authorities tried to make an arrest Thursday.

“We have reasonable cause to believe they are still in the Bay Area. We narrowly missed Mr. Johnson,” said Lopey.

As the investigation continues, it appears Yreka may never get its historic gold back. Some of it has already been sold.

“We don’t know how much of the gold may exist in its previous form so that is going to be a critical part of our investigation.

While Mr. Bailey and Mr. Johnson are the prime suspects in this case, authorities suspect there are people in the North State know more about this crime.

If you know the location of either of the suspects, you're asked to call the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s office.


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