Authorities search for a man who tried to lure a 7 year old into his vehicle

Jan 24, 2016 1:15 PM by News Staff

Oroville, CA- Authorities are on the hunt for a man in a gold SUV after he reportedly tried to lure a 7 year old girl into his vehicle by offering her candy.

Saturday, January 23rd, the Butte County Sheriff’s office received a 9-1-1 call from the girl’s mother, saying that her daughter had been approached by the suspect near Fort Wane Street and Greenville Street.

Deputies responded immediately and searched the scene, but neither the vehicle nor the man were located.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office is in search of the subject, described as a black man about 50 years old who was wearing a black and blue coat and a blue and orange beanie with a pom on the top.

They ask that anyone with information on the case to call the Sheriff’s Office: (530) 538-7321.

Deputies also encourage parents to inform their children of ways to respond if they are approached by a stranger. Some tips include:

  • Teach your children to trust their instincts and to run if they feel something is wrong
  • Teach your children to run to a safe place if possible (business, school, etc.)
  • Teach your children to not approach vehicles/persons unknown to them. If approached by a vehicle, run the opposite direction
  • Teach your children that adults typically do not need help from children, especially adults unknown to them
  • Inform your children of the common tactics used by child predators such as helping them find their lost dog or offering candy or money
  • Teach your children to say exactly what is happening if possible such as, “This is not my dad” or “I’m being kidnapped” as opposed to just screaming which could be interpreted by others as a child throwing a temper tantrum
  • Screaming and causing a scene will hopefully cause the suspect anxiety and cause him/her to flee
  • Screaming and causing a scene will hopefully create witnesses. In the event the child is abducted, law enforcement will likely receive helpful information (License plate(s), make/model/description of vehicle, direction of travel, and suspect/victim description). These details will assist law enforcement with placing their resources in the best positions to rescue the child and take the suspect into custody in a timely manner
  • Strength are in numbers. If possible, do not allow your children to walk alone


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