August 11, Kids In Action; Kids Chopped Challenge

Aug 12, 2013 12:43 PM

Elementary school students in Chico get the chance to compete in their own cooking challenge this summer, and the dishes these young chefs concocted were delicious and nutritious.

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While many of their classmates spent summer days hanging out by the pool, a group of school kids were working over a hot stove, and there was no place they would rather have been.

Camper Seth Simeral says, "I like cooking with my Mom and I thought it would be a good experience."

These young cooks are part of Chico State's "Center For Nutrition And Activity Promotion". The program has numerous goals.

Camper Eli Brock-McIver says, "Cook, meet new friends, and learn about nutrition."

Many dishes were cooked throughout the week, with the emphasis on creativity and nutrition.

Camper Dannielle Hunt says, "We are going to get a recipe book at the end of the day and I'd love to share these recipes with my parents."

The camp came to a conclusion on Friday with the "Kids Chopped Challenge", a reality-show-style competition where the kids were put into teams and came up with a dish to be critiqued for taste and presentation by celebrity judges.

"Celebrity Judge" Matt Vaughan says, "It was cool to see them throw some really random ingredients into their dishes."

The kids really got into the competition.

Camper Sam Simeral says, "We got to make stuff and do awesome things and make burritos and stuff."

Dannielle says, "We made tangy, tiny tacos."

Seth says, "It used to be a burrito, but now it's a taco."

"Why did you call them cool quesadillas?" Eli says, "Because they were cool and they're quesadillas."

Then the tasting and judging began...


And the judges were impressed.

Matt says, "They really know how to present a dish and they showed that they can get creative and mix something together in the most random way and have it turn out tasting really good."

A great way to spend a week of summer vacation... having fun and learning a new skill.


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