Audible Pedestrian Signals Give 12-year-old Freedom to Walk Home..

Apr 7, 2011 7:20 PM

"I can walk home by myself now!" Meet 12-year-old Isaac Cruz. The Yuba City sixth grader has been blind since birth, but he's never let that slow him down. Although he takes the bus to school, and usually his parents pick him up every afternoon, he recently decided he wanted the independence to learn how to walk home by himself.. "It gives him a sense of freedom that most kids just take for granted walking home," Isaac's Mobility Teacher, Tom Faust says.

Between Riverbend Elementary and Isaac's home, there are eight different stop lights. And as Isaac and Faust began the forty minute trek, they realized one stop light didn't have an audible signal. So faust decided to teach Issac how to cross without one.

Faust says, "I also teach Isaac to cross streets without the auditory device because not every corner has them." Including this one.. The traffic signal on Garden Highway and Shanghai Bend Road.

"This particular intersection was a difficult one for him to cross, because there wasn't a lot of traffic all the time," Faust says. Which made it very unsafe for Isaac. So he decided to ask the Yuba City Public Works Department for help, and it answered! And for that, Isaac is so thankful. Issac says, "Best town for taking care of it's children."

Out of the 36 signals in Yuba City about half of them are equipt with the audible device. And it is mandatory that all new intersections have them installed. Making life a little easier and much safer for Isaac Cruz. "It helps me cross the street like other kids."


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